We offer top-class comprehensive preparation services for various competitive entrance examinations.

We offer top-class comprehensive preparation services for various competitive entrance examinations

Competitive Edge is the only coaching institute which provides manual as well as online practice tests Many people got benefited from our spoken english classes Many organisations have utilised our expertised training in softskills.

In our team we have Executives/professionals from the fields of Banking. Business administration and Information Technology with rich and wide experience as our promoter members.

Our well experienced and well qualified teaching faculty is excellent and committed for the betterment of the learning of the students. They are student friendly. Our approach is completely exam focused and job oriented.

Our Team


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    Competitive Edge is committed……. to the vision to exemplify in quality education to provide a platform where skills are improved, thereby goals are achieved to provide the student with a personalized guidance and mentoring feedback on a regular basis to make competitive entrance exam preparation guidance affordable for those students who have lot of talent but remain deprived of quality study material due to high cost

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    Our Mission is to make competitive examinations a very easy for the students who are in search of a good guidance for reaching their goal of getting a job.Our students should speak fluent and good english.Our clients should get the reaping benefits of our training to their employees in softskills. Our clients should get more business through the beautiful websites developed by us for them.
    Competitive Edge will combine the talent and dedication of the best professionals /teachers to provide the best possible learning platform to students for competitive exams as well as increasing employability through skill development. To ensure the students get timely, precise, effective and qualitative learning at his convenience matching his learning ability and interest at an affordable price